Our Company


The Slate & Marble company production plant is equipped with modern,double disc, cnc machines producing perfectly cut floor slabs; a modern robot that can perform cut-to-shape designs in any size, as requested by Architects, Designers and private Clients; in-line slab sanding and polishing machines consistently providing perfect, uniform results; large-size calibrating machines that can easily calibrate any floor to perfection, whether it be polished, rough or bush hammered, also used to grind billiard slabs with millimetre level accuracy. There is also a new piece of equipment to bush-hammer floor slabs and render them non-slip and suitable for outdoor use, as protection against slip-trip-fall hazards due to weather conditions (rain, snow, frost, etc.). Finally, to exploit the typical flaking characteristics of slate, Slate and Marble can supply best quality,naturally-split slabs, from the most renowned quarries in Fontanabuona.


Equipped with innovative technologies, the Slate & Marble company use an anthropomorphic robot to produce billiard slabs. This robot can make pockets and cut vertical and inclined holes, and shape the sharp edge above and below the slab to avoid cutting the baize cloth when assembling the billiard table. The biggest advantage in using this robot is that it can produce sheets of any size, type and finish, even with special pockets and holes.