classic style fireplace
Slate, Ancient stone
for contemporary designs
A timeless material that combines
in suggestive, current and original forms
Refined solutions for
bathroom furnishings
We carry out furnishing projects
in any style with top quality marbles
Special machining
and Waterjet cutting
Inlays and combinations of precious natural stones, made with obsessive attention to detail
Essential elegance
of natural stone
We create marble kitchen tops with sober and minimal lines
Stone friezes
and decorations
Artistic work on slates and marbles,
from drawings or projects provided
When Marble
meets Slate
Washbasin made of solid marble,
combined with slate covering
Stairs and architectural
We make stairs and accessories
in Slate in the highest tradition of the Ligurian land

Boastingthe latest, innovative technologies, Slate and Marble make useof an anthropomorphic robot to produce slabs for billiard tables. This robot cuts pockets, makesvertical and inclined holes, and can shape the sharp edge above and below the slab to avoid cutting the baize cloth when the billiard table is assembled. The biggest advantage in using this robot is that it can produce sheets of any size, type and finish, as well asmake pockets and special holes.


The Slate and Marble plant is equipped with modern cnc double disc machines, making it possible to produce perfectly cut floor slabs; a modern robot is able to carry outcut-to-shape designs of any size, as requested by Architects, Designers and Private Clients.